Workshop Descriptions




Friday, May 13th 11:45 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. 

CCS/CHFS HF Guidelines: New Standards of Care for HFrEF

Abhinav Sharma, MD; Margot Davis, MD 

In 2021, CCS/CHFS published an update to the Heart Failure Guidelines which defined a new pharmacologic standard of care for HFrEF. In this workshop, authors of the CCS HF Guidelines will offer participants an overview of the newest evidence for the management of heart failure, including a pragmatic HFrEF treatment pathway to incorporate changes into clinical practice.
Lignes directrices de la SCC et de la SCIC pour le traitement de l’IC : les nouvelles normes de prise en charge de l’ICFEr
Nadia Giannetti, MD; Serge Lepage, MD

En 2021, la SCC/SCIC a publié une mise à jour des lignes directrices sur l'insuffisance cardiaque qui définissait une nouvelle norme de soins pharmacologiques pour l'ICFER. Au cours de cet atelier, les auteurs des lignes directrices de la SCC sur l'insuffisance cardiaque offriront aux participants une vue d'ensemble des données les plus récentes sur la prise en charge de l'insuffisance cardiaque, y compris une voie de traitement pragmatique de l’ICFER pour intégrer les changements dans la pratique clinique.

CHFS & HFSA Joint Workshop: Nursing Roles & Responsibilities - A Cross-Border Pulse Check
Karen Harkness, RN, PhD (CHFS) and Rebecca Reay, ACNP (HFSA)

Nurses play an integral role in the care and management of HF patients irrespective of the country in which they practice and the attendant differences in health care systems. This interactive workshop offers participants an opportunity to share best practices and learn from their neighbours on practical strategies to optimize HF care.

POCUS for HF is BACK - with an AI Twist!!
Ryan Davey, MD; Sabe De, MD

Point of care ultrasound (POCUS) is back for a third year based on its popularity at previous Hear Failure Updates. This year the focus will turn to some of the current and future applications of POCUS that have been made possible by artificial intelligence (AI) applications. 


Friday, May 13th 3:55 p.m. - 4:40 p.m.

Practical Proof for Digital HF Care
Abhinav Sharma, MD

Digital care holds the promise to improve access to heart failure care in geographically diverse countries like Canada. This workshop will uncover the available evidence supporting the benefits and limitations of digital HF care and offer some practical strategies for implementation into routine practice. 

Cardio-Oncology 2022
Paaladinesh Thavendiranathan, MD

This workshop will summarize some of the latest research and practical aspects in the area of cardio oncology, with topics spanning the gamut from approaches to monitoring and prevention of cardiotoxicity to active management strategies. 

Special Cardiomyopathies: Focus on Diagnosis 
Nowell Fine, MD; Elizabeth Swiggum, MD; François Tournoux, MD

Cardiomyopathies continue to be a hot topic at Heart Failure Update. This year, a panel of experts will focus on evidence-based diagnostic aspects that will help practitioners recognize signs and symptoms of various cardiomyopathies to support early recognition and management of patients.

How to Treat VT Storm
Jacqueline Joza, MD

Multiple episodes of ventricular tachycardia, known as the “VT storm,” can be a life-threatening condition requiring acute management. This case-based workshop will help clinicians build confidence in recognizing and appropriately managing this acute condition. 


Saturday, May 14th 11:45 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Special Cardiomyopathies: Focus on Treatment
Margot Davis, MD; Michael McDonald, MD; Robert McKelvie, MD

In parallel with the workshop focused on diagnosis of cardiomyopathies, this workshop will focus on treatment aspects of the most common cardiomyopathies. A panel of experts will review and discuss the latest evidence-based treatments for cardiomyopathies and share their insights on their application in the Canadian treatment environment. 

Treatment of Refractory HF
Jennifer Amadio, MD; Stephanie Poon, MD

Most patients with HFrEF respond to optimized guideline-directed medical therapy. However, a minority either do not improve or they experience recurrence of symptoms. This practical workshop will help participants recognize when and how to step-up to advanced HF therapies.  

Managing Depression in Heart Failure 
Heather Tulloch, MD

Depression and heart failure are two common chronic diseases that often co-occur. When present, depression can worsen HF outcomes, making its recognition and treatment important for optimizing management strategies. This workshop will familiarize participants with practical tools to identify and manage depression in their HF patient population.

Practically Starting and Stopping GDMT
Jacinthe Boulet, MD

After successful resolution of HF symptoms and recovery of cardiac function, many patients inquire about cessation of GDMT. This workshop will address how the available evidence informs the practice of when and how GDMT can be safely discontinued in select patients. 


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