Margot Davis

Margot K. Davis

Clinical Associate Professor, Division of Cardiology,
University of British Columbia Cardiology
Director, UBC Cardiology-Oncology Program
Vancouver, BC

Margot Davis is a cardiologist at St. Paul’s Hospital, a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia, and Director of the UBC
Cardiology-Oncology Program and the UBC Cardiac Amyloidosis Clinic. Dr. Davis is Co-Chair of the Canadian Cardiovascular Society (CCS)/Canadian Heart
Failure Society (CHFS) Position Statement on Cardiac Amyloidosis, a Primary Panel member of the CCS Cardio-Oncology Guidelines, and a Secondary Panel
member of the CCS Heart Failure Guidelines. She is Secretary/Treasurer of the Canadian Heart Failure Society, Member-at-Large on the Canadian Cardiac
Oncology Network Board of Directors, and Western Regional Director of the Canadian Cardiovascular Society. Her research is focused on cardiac amyloidosis, heart disease in cancer patients, and advanced heart failure. 


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