Nathalie Bolduc

Nathalie Bolduc

Certified Genetic Counsellor
Director of Business Development at Genolife
Affiliate member, McGill University Department of Human Genetics, Faculty of Medicine
Montreal, QC

Nathalie Bolduc received her master’s degree in genetic counselling from McGill University.  Through her practice, she acquired a unique combination of clinical expertise in both the public and private healthcare sectors as well as in research, industry and non-profit. She worked in several clinical specialties and also led the provincial predictive testing program for Huntington disease for several years. An excellent communicator, she is interested in making genetics accessible through conferences to healthcare professionals and to the general public as well as by advocating for the role of genetic counsellors in the integration of genomics into primary care and preventive medicine. She also worked with non-profit organizations to create educational resources for hereditary diseases. She was President of Quebec Association of Genetic Counsellors and President of the Canadian Association of Genetic Counsellors. 


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