Dr. Sheldon Tobe

Sheldon Tobe


Dr. Tobe trained in Internal Medicine and Nephrology at the University of Toronto, then joined the Division of Nephrology at Sunnybrook. He is now a Professor of Medicine at both the University of Toronto and the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, where he was the inaugural Heart and Stroke Foundation Chair of Aboriginal and Rural Health Research. Dr. Tobe was chair of the Canadian Hypertension Education Program from 2008 to 2012 and on the board of directors of Hypertension Canada and remains co-chair of the Canadian Cardiovascular Harmonized National Guidelines Endeavour (C-CHANGE). In 2023, Dr. Tobe was tasked to lead a process to create a new Brain-Heart Clinical Practice Guideline to fit within C-CHANGE and was able to secure peer reviewed funding from the huge Brain Heart Interconnectome program at the University of Ottawa. Dr. Tobe also serves on the Board of Directors of the American Society of Hypertension Specialists Program, has had continuous peer reviewed funding for over 25 years, received many teaching awards and other career distinctions, and has published over 150 peer-reviewed articles and led and participated in peer reviewed and investigator initiated multicentered international research collaborations.

Dr. Tobe’s goal is to stimulate excitement and interest in lifelong learning in health care providers, to improve the kidney and vascular health of the people they care for.  His implementation science research focus is to facilitate and evaluate practice change for the timely implementation of clinical practice guideline recommendations.


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