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Friday, April 17
3:50 pm ET
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Co-Chairs:  Anique Ducharme, MD
Justin Ezekowitz, MB BCh
Salle de Bal
4:00 pm ET
Opening remarks Jonathan Howlett, MD
4:10 pm ET
Using big data to prevent hospitalizations Heather Ross, MD
4:22 pm ET
Five things to consider when your patient “stalls” in hospital Jonathan Howlett, MD
4:34 pm ET
Novel paradigms for managing hospital transitions Harriette Van Spall, MD
4:46 pm ET
CHFS HF Pathway: A practical approach to use of contemporary HF therapies Shelley Zieroth, MD
4:58 pm ET Plenary Q&A
5:15 pm ET
Closing remarks Johnathan Howlett, MD Foyer
5:20 - 6:05 pm ET
ACCREDITED SYMPOSIUM: Beyond awareness: How to diagnose and treat hereditary ATTR amyloidosis in your practice Diego Delgado, MD (Chair)
Vera Bril, MD
Margot Davis, MD
Anil Gupta, MD
Serge Lepage, MD
6:10 - 6:40 pm ET
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My HFrEF patient now has a normal ejection fraction - what’s next? Nadia Giannetti, MD Session link
This practical workshop will explore factors that predict which HFrEF patients recover their ejection fraction and clinical scenarios where it may be safe to withdraw HF therapies. Evidence supporting the benefits and risks of treatment withdrawal will be critically examined.
Approaches to managing the palliative care needs of patients with heart failure Caroline McGuinty, MD
Rodolfo Pike, RN, NP
Session link
Patients with advanced heart failure can have rapidly changing needs for symptom control and require enhanced supports at the end of life. Contemporary approaches to palliative care for HF patients will be discussed with a focus on strategies to engage patients and their families in conversations around goals of care for advanced HF.
Point of care ultrasound: Pearls for heart failure management Sharon Mulvagh, MD Session link
Point of care ultrasound (POCUS) is emerging as a useful tool that can aid in the rapid identification of acutely decompensated HF and help guide clinical decision-making and timely interventions. This workshop will orient clinicians to the basic components of POCUS, the validity and reliability of the findings generated with POCUS, and explore some of the benefits and limitations of this tool in clinical practice.
Apps and wearables to keep track of your heart failure patient Abhinav Sharma, MD
Kim Anderson, MD
Session link
A plethora of new high-tech wearable devices and Apps for monitoring HF symptoms has emerged but are they helpful or just hype? This workshop will critically examine the types of wearables and Apps available and under development, and review the evidence supporting their validity and potential utility for improving patient management and outcomes in HF.
Saturday, April 18
8:50 am ET
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Co-Chairs:  Jonathan Howlett, MD
Michael Heffernan, MD
Salle de Bal
9:00 am ET
Opening remarks Shelley Zieroth, MD
9:03 am ET
The electric heart: When to call your friendly neighborhood electrician Jeff Healey, MD
9:15 am ET
Identifying best responders to existing pharmacologic therapies:
The underestimated world of biomarkers and protein networks
Peter Liu, MD
9:27 am ET
Heart stimulation: Classifying the “tropes” of heart failure Serge Lepage, MD
9:39 am ET
Health inequality and inequity in HF populations: A call to action Mary Walsh, MD
9:51 am ET Plenary Q&A
10:08 am ET
Break Foyer
PLENARY SESSION #3: Canadian Heart Failure Society (CHFS) and Heart Failure Society of America (HFSA) Joint Plenary Session
Co-Chairs:  Shelley Zieroth, MD (President, CHFS)
Biykem Bozkurt, MD, PhD (President, HFSA)
Salle de Bal
10:15 am ET
Key “phenotypes” of HFpEF Flora Sam, MD
10:27 am ET
When to invasively measure pressures in HFpEF Kavita Sharma, MD
10:39 am ET
Do we need sex specific heart failure diagnostic criteria? Eileen O’Meara, MD
10:51 am ET
HFpEF mimics and when to look for them Lisa Mielniczuk, MD
11:03 am ET Plenary Q&A
11:20 am ET
Break Foyer
12:00 - 12:45 pm ET
ACCREDITED SYMPOSIUM: Treating wild-type ATTR cardiac amyloidosis today Nowell M. Fine, MD (Chair)
Debra Bosley, RN
Margot Davis, MD
Michael Heffernan, MD
John Pasternak, MD
Session link
PLENARY SESSION #4: Canadian Heart Failure Society (CHFS) and JACC: HEART FAILURE Joint Plenary Session
Co-Chairs:  Mona Fiuzat, PharmD (Executive Editor, JACC: HF)
Stephanie Poon, MD
Salle de Bal
12:50 pm ET
JACC: HF - A top line review of recent studies published in JACC Christopher O’Connor, MD
1:02 pm ET
Are nurses the best way to translate new findings to our patients? Nadia Thomson, NP
1:14 pm ET
Late-breaking heart failure trials 2.0 Justin Ezekowitz, MD
1:26 pm ET
CCS Heart Failure Guidelines REDUX Michael McDonald, MD
Sean Virani, MD
1:38 pm ET
Interactive Panel Discussion: Disseminating medical science in the current environment
1:55 pm ET
Closing remarks Serge Lepage, MD Foyer
Break Foyer
2:00 - 2:30 pm ET
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Diabetes for the disinterested: Practical tips for implementing diabetic cardiovascular medications Robert McKelvie, MD Session link
Diabetes and heart failure commonly co-occur and there is substantial overlap in their pathophysiology. More recently, treatments for these two conditions have been shown to overlap, with evidence that SGLT2 inhibitors can improve outcomes in HF patients with or without type 2 diabetes. This workshop will help bring HF clinicians up to speed with respect to the practical issues of initiation and follow-up of HF patients on antidiabetic medications that have cardiovascular risk reduction properties.
Frailty assessment 101 George Heckman, MD Session link
Recognizing the “frail phenotype” in routine practice can be challenging since age alone is not an independent predictor of frailty in HF. During this workshop, frailty scores that may be useful in the assessment of HF patients will be reviewed and the implications of frailty on clinical decisions and goals of care will be examined.
How to avoid late referral for device therapy Anil Gupta, MD
Kiran Sidhu, MD
Session link
Device therapies play an important role in the management of advanced heart failure as destination therapy or as a bridge to cardiac transplantation. This workshop will offer practical guidance on who, when and how to refer HF patients for CRT or VAD including timing of recommended workups and testing.